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Shipped with … To take a product that has been on the market for 5 years and not do anything new, learning from customer complaints or looking at alternate use cases, is just absurd. Yamaha responded with competitive products and musicians reaped the benefits. In any case, thank you, everyone who came out and supported us these past 36 hours! Nous sommes heureux de vous aider ! (A) is likely to cause confusion, or to cause mistake, or to deceive […] as to the origin, sponsorship, or approval of his or her goods, services, or commercial activities by another person, or ‘Look and feel’ died as an argument long ago. I was really quite interested in more original creations like the Neutron, and Crave. This association, or “secondary meaning,” will need to be shown by presenting evidence in the form of direct consumer testimony, consumer surveys, and/or documentation of circumstances such as the length of time the design has been used exclusively by the manufacturer, the type of advertising, advertising expenditures, the number of sales and customers, and any proof of intentional copying. Behringer Swing, eine Arturia Keystep-Kopie. The old patents and designs are free for anyone to use now. Logically speaking, a lawsuit the size of a battleship should be falling on him any day now. It is simply sad, and I cannot understand that move (like many, it seems).”, Copying A Competitor’s Product And Not Trying To Improve On It ‘Is Just Absurd’. Everyone noticed that. Although I find this product appaling, I strongly suspect that the general idea for Behringer is to design their gear close to others products in order to save huge on marketing. Sorry, but that’s just word salad. Who cares? The X32 and the Neutron are great examples of this. Pretty sure it’s a bunch of software clones of classic synthesizers. But honestly, while everyone is saying that this time they went too far, my guess is that Uli is currently having the best days in his life. Hardware is cheap and easy. So we could in a way consider the Swing as a compliment. And his crass attitude and dismissive behavior just adds insult to injury. Well, attorneys need to make a living too. Copying is wrong. The Arturia KeyStep is a compact 32-key controller and polyphonic step-sequencer rolled into one powerful performance tool. Frederic, I saw him do it, I’m a witness! Here’s a couple of comments I posted when I saw their YouTube video: “Looking forward to the Behringer Live 11 Suite DAW for sub $750, and before Ableton get theirs out. I could never share any of the designs, that came out of that cooperation with any body else, legally not, and not from my personal high attitude in that regards. But, as I grow older and have contributed more to society, I feel a personal bond with creators and understand the business model that keeps innovators in business. This product is in no way the result of a partnership between Arturia and Behringer. Does the SEO of our angry confusion really translate into that many more sales as opposed to just making… i don’t know… literally anything else? Because you can’t be bothered to read the other comments in this thread, I’m pasting Mike’s response to another commenter: “hey, crapinger cheerleader, here is a direct quote from Emily: I have no problem with them putting out vintage clones, but the laziness and stupidity of putting out something with no changes that has recently designed by another company is puzzling to say the least. Behringer has been accused of copying Arturia’s Keystep with their latest release, the SWING.. Behringer has also a history of trying to get away with illegal knock offs as it usually doesn’t suffer much more than an order to make it a bit different, as seen e.g. Buying Behringer gear is akin to someone stealing your song. Behringer is a parasite, this product doesn’t lead to a symbiotic coexistence that also benefits the host, but is designed to impact negatively on product evolution by an innovative competitor company as Arturia. Not even sure why Behringer would want to copy it. But this, this I don't get. open source does not mean that you can’t also be generous when your are a company like arturia (specially if product is successful) Designbox co-founder Axel Hartmann shot down the theory that they had licensed a design to Behringer. If I had known Behringer was producing something, I would still have made the same purchase.). There are many affordable, amazing synths, and midi keyboards available with good build quality. The Swing is simply a copy of the KeyStep. It’s just too grossly disrespectful and doesn’t add anything new, and it’s not even that much cheaper. They seem to be the single worst offender in the industry. Frankly, that’s a function of culture (as evidenced by Japanese CD prices). Almost identical, but has a USB port and came with stickers. I am happy, that more people notice, what kind of business Behringer runs. If they actually BROUGHT SOMETHING TO THE TABLE to musicians other than, “hey, we’re cheaper”. Your comment says everything about you. Behringer is under fire again, this time for allegedly copying the design of the Arturia KeyStep with their new product Swing. This issue with the Keystep….if Behringer was the least bit concerned, they would recall this product now. It just puts Behringer on the same level as these other no-name brands. Shipped From. They didn’t copy any hardware from MI, they just used the ‘Open Source Code’ and they were permitted to do that (in fact that’s the point ‘Open Source’ Code )- it is completely different and it their marketing they said the code was from MI so they give MI credit. I’m a hoar and will definitely buy it! 4. Why? Of course we accept competition, and would absolutely understand that Behinger give their own interpretation of a small and smart controller that would also be a sequencer. :)), Behringer’s manufacturing plant is in Zhong Shan in China (Music Tribe). UPDATE: Behringer has responded to the ongoing discussion about the Swing, read an excerpt below. Alesis was similar. Uli’s should next clone a deepmind 6. He shared this statement via Facebook: “I do feel the need to comment on the many postings I can find here @ Facebook in several places regarding my thoughts, feelings, but also the truth about the blunt Behringer copy of the Arturia key step. Anything. The fact Arturia is somehow offended (and taken offguard by) standard competitive practices doesn’t speak well to their management. Behringer is under fire again, this time for allegedly copying the design of the Arturia KeyStep with their new product Swing. This is why I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM BEHRINGER. right first of all i take “crapinger cheerleader” as personal insult… second my point was not to defend behringer but to point out that arturia as well is only occasionally innovative – they mostly sell recreation of classic synths as well, in fact. It also has largely the same buttons, switches and knobs, which are labeled the same and are in pretty much the same position. In the other, we have manufacturing and delivery competition, providing incrementally changing products as cheaply as possible to the masses. Stick to original designs, or at least clones that truly fill a void, and I’ll reconsider! There’s proprietary utility here at all. But Uli is apparently all about making a buck. Computers? Hi All I’m nothing more than an armchair lawyer who’s just gonna leave this here. The Behringer Swing MIDI controller and sequencer is a direct copy of Arturia’s KeyStep and it’s caused an internet furore. even give it a 2nd look. I would love to see how that almost identical, basic layout of your old 88-key MIDI keyboard has the exact same functions assigned to the keyboard, and how it’s form factor fits the Arturia Keystep! November 25, 2020. I, too, have liked, and like, Behringers re-releaseses of old classics, and it could be said, being kinda behringer fanboy, for making 2600, Odyssey, Model D etc. But what Behringer did here is STEALING INDUSTRIAL DESIGN. Whatever your setup, KeyStep will merge into it to overdrive your workflow and effectiveness. Message Seller. Good point, Trade Dress infringement, a new definition trademark infringement, is an actual thing…so, it IS illegal. Arturia La vision de l'Union européenne a toujours été d'ouvrir la création musicale à tous grâce à la technologie. You worked hard to develop probably one of the most common layouts a basic midi controller will have? 14 Clients . The recognition and popularity of your brand/product absolutely play a large factor in these cases. “Why this, why that, and why?” The 32-key MIDI controller from Behringer comes with the two pitch and modulation touch-strips, onboard arpeggiator and 64-step sequencer that you see on Keystep. Thread Starter; Thread Starter #2 … Behringer Swing Features. 1 x Arturia Keystep. and i do not understand why behringer is risking this shitstorm for a small product with low profit. As industrial designer, I contribute mostly my services on the asthetical side of a product. Thanks for the long mansplain. Use your R&D to make new awesome products. November 25, 2020. Love Behringer and will continue to support them their versions keep money in my pocket and that’s all l care about. The Behringer Swing Is Not A Collaboration With Arturia. Will be throwing in a bunch patch cables as well! Behringer faces flak over its Swing MIDI keyboard mirroring the Arturia Keystep | MusicTech - Daniel Seah. Add a midi thru. Type de produit Clavier MIDI; Informations générales; Série Arturia KeyStep; Couleur Blanc; Dimensions 55 x 14,7 x 3,5 cm; Poids 1,6 kg; Touches et commandes; Nombre de touches 37 touches; Connectique ; Interface USB; MIDI Out 1x MIDI-Out; MIDI In 1x MIDI-In; Propriétés; Fonctions Step séquenceur, … Theres lazy, and then there’s laaaazzzzzy. Behringer has been accused of copying Arturia’s Keystep with their latest release, the SWING. The difference is Emily signed away her rights by being open source. The colour and styling might be different, but there’s no getting away from the fact that this looks pretty much identical to Arturia’s Keystep , with every knob, button and feature seemingly being replicated. The notion that this is lazy or stupid misses the point: this is deliberate and strategic. I like a lot of Behringers products – including my over 20 year old mixer. I really wanted a BeatStep Pro but there were just too many bad reviews about bugs etc so took a risk on this instead. It’s such a shame to see any big business do this. Behringer NEUTRON. Adapts to your setup! I see similarities between Behringer and Starbucks actually. Yes this was a bad moment for Behringer. Make the midi 3.5″. Which exact one do you have then? It’s not the same, it’s got a different name , same as prefixing with a V, I bet mutable instruments is saying , serves you right. Get over it. Great comment and good point – Behringer’s lack of creativity means that they’re not introducing anything innovative and new, and they’re also making it less profitable for other companies to actually create new gear designs. The plan is a good marketing plan. Whether they can take it up in China or Philippines or wherever is another story. An illustrated guide. A hand crafted wooden case made out of high quality birch Multiplex panels for Arturia KeyStep and Behringer Model-D and/or other Eurorack compatible modules. They are a company to be avoided whenever possible IMO. Behringer Neutron/Arturia Keystep Bundle. I’m sure you can see why also. Pretend I’m one of those lawyers you see on TV shows who shows up right when their client is being interrogated: “Did my client do anything illegal? Yesterday Behringer showed the Swing, a new sequencer, for the first time. Like sync, the most important thing about sync (besides that it actually works) is that it gets out of the way if necessary. It doesn’t even make business sense to me. At least, this is how many fans/users (of both brands) and top synth and production magazines see it. We have invested time and money to imagine, specify, develop, test and market the KeyStep. No contract has been drafted or signed.”. As with purchasing music rather than using torrents, it’s incumbent on the consumer to vote for the reality they desire by selecting to pay the IP premium or not. It has nothing to do with patents or electronic design. The design is leaned towards the original Minimoog Model-D but in a smaller shape. Make an Offer. We wondered how Arturia was going to feel about Swing, a new MIDI keyboard/sequencer from Behringer that appears to be a 1:1 clone of its KeyStep controller, and the answer is… not great.. It’s perfectly legal to sleep with your best friend’s lover, but that won’t stop most people from thinking “Wow…what an asshole”. An illustrated guide. I would contend that, despite how big the business of synths and music is, many of us view these devices differently than we do oreos or even smartphones and we hope that this particular region of culture might embody a different set of values. The day Behringer goes down it will be a good day for music and music business because they haven’t done anything unique that musicians really needed. Behringer Neutron and Arturia Keystep — Duophonic Performance with MIDI and CV? Most importantly, their coffee is lousy compared to most boutique roasters (OK, in my experience). However, this is not new, it is a blatant clone of the Arturia Keystep controller. The Swing appears to be closely patterned after the Arturia Keystep MIDI controller:. And I had mine. I really wanted a BeatStep Pro but there were just too many bad reviews about bugs etc so took a risk on this instead. November 24, 2020 Ten Ways Behringer Could Have Improved on the KeyStep. BTW, the Behringer DAW will be a knockoff of Ableton. Emilie released her oscillator code under a permissive license that allows commercial reuse. Behringer cloned my sister! Arturia Keystep Pro - An advanced production tool. software just takes a little longer supervised from Germany to take out he bugs. I will never go to a Starbucks because their business model is all about targeting ares with existing, established, successful local coffee roasters then opening a store across the street. I have only bought one Behringer original myself, being the Crave, but I sold it because I just didn’t enjoy messing with its sequencer.. Personally, I feel sad, and am also upset about that sheer copy of a design, that I once created for, and together with Arturia, the team around Frederic Brun. Obviously this is a ridiculously long review so the TL;DR version :: The KeyStep has a couple of bugs and a few minor things to improve on, but overall for the price, it's excellent! Having class and ethics matters. A product like that copy simply cannot represent the core values of the people, he could convince to be part of his company. I’ve heard of a lot of people complaining about the Boog Model D VCOs instability. watching this company’s aggressive actions breed aggressive and similar behaviors in the comment sections just lets people know how important it is try to spread positivity and a sense of community. We wondered how Arturia was going to feel about Swing, a new MIDI keyboard/sequencer from Behringer that appears to be a 1:1 clone of its KeyStep controller, and the answer is… not great.. That doesn’t make it any better. What a coincidence – Uli’s cloning the microfreak next! Is An Oberheim OB-X Reissue Coming From Sequential? Power tools? The KEYSTEP supports 5 different Analog clock rates: 1 STEP GATE; 1 STEP CLOCK; 1 PULSE (KORG) 24 PPQ(Pulses per quarter note) 48 PPQ; 1) ONE STEP GATE A) DESCRIPTION In this mode, the source clock will send one pulse at each step of your sequence. 1 Client . Logic and the law don’t always shake hands, but the comparison pictures seem damning. This will *never* happen now. But the question stands, what changes should Behringer make for you to think the product is OK, and why? Arguing “But it’s legal” puts this behaviour right at the bottom of Kohlberg’s 6 stages of moral development – acting out of self-interest and the desire to avoid punishment. In fairness Arturia did fluff this up initially, because they indicated endorsement or collaboration with Mutable, which hadn’t happened. Overview - The Arturia KeyStep is a new breed of portable musical tool combining the functionalities of a keyboard controller with a polyphonic step sequencer to control both analog and digital devices. Plugins? Behringer faces controversy again in 2020. This swing at others needs to stop and isn’t good for anyone. Buy Arturia if you want to support them. They probably just opened a Minimoog, copied exactly what they found, maybe had to find alternatives for a few discontinued components, that’s it. They do make some things easy. People loudly ridiculed the Apple “rounded corners” lawsuit, but that is essentially what many are asking for here. If keeping money in your pocket is all you care, obviously you are not a musician and much less an artist! I do not understand (Uli) Behringer – with his huge company and the power of many great R&D teams – some of the best and most respected and innovative companies we know in our business, that Uli was able to simply buy in the past with his money. The Behringer Swing, shown at top, closely copies the connections and layout of the Arturia Keystep. Les meilleures offres pour Action! The 32-key MIDI controller from Behringer comes with the two pitch and modulation touch-strips, onboard arpeggiator and 64-step sequencer that you see on Keystep. Now you can save a whopping 10 bucks over the original! But the thing is, they’re likely not doing anything illegal. Behringer’s MIDI controller has identical form factor to the KeyStep including buttons, knobs, switches and even outputs all in the same position. 4 ARTURIA – KeyStep – MANUEL DE L’UTILISATEUR Innfoorrmmaattiionss mIImppoorrttaanntteess CARACTERISTIQUES SUJETTES A CHANGEMENTS : Les informations contenues dans ce manuel sont censées être correctes au moment de l´impression. But they don’t. Then you’ve got nothing to charge him with. There are a great many things I could do that are legal but *are* unreasonable, potentially dangerous and not in the public interest. Many musicians have criticized Behringer’s latest introduction, calling the Swing a ‘blatant knockoff’ of the Keystep and noting “Unless you are blind, it’s impossible not to see it’s the same thing!”. Your email address will not be published. The instant gratification of buying a knock off is no longer enough. Others do, we have no problem with that and see good for the customer, as well as for the industry, in fair competition. Behringer has faced significant backlash for its latest MIDI keyboard controller; online critics have alleged that the Behringer Swing – announced … But I’ve been so blown away by The MicroFreak, I didn’t Chapeau Uli How does it feel to be such an innovative copycat? Behringer screwed up now, big time. Newbie- behringer model d and arturia keystep no sound. This just feels sketchy to me. They grabbed a chunk of the market with innovative products like the HR16 drum machine and MMT-8 sequencer. There is a plan behind this move and maybe we should all question what that move is? no way i’m drinking that swill, I saw that Behringer came out with something Arturia designed and developed all the Beat/KeyStep line themselves and obviously (like most of the world) then handles the manufacturing under contract to a Chinese company specialized in producing these products (just like Apple does, etc), but under the supervision of Arturia QC technicians. 2004-2021 Synthtopia, All Rights Reserved, Arturia Responds To Behringer’s Keystep Knockoff – “Seriously?”,, Behringer Bringing Back BCR2000 MIDI Controller As The BCR32, With Built-In Zaquencer Sequencer. At least make some effort to change the design or make it better but this…………..nope. By Ben Rogerson (Computer Music, Future Music, emusician, Keyboard Magazine) 23 November 2020. But the point lost on him is that musicians are not like phone or car users, not even like sound engineers that buy mics and mixers. Arturia and myself are working together since many years, and we share the deep desire of designing innovative products. Arturia Gets Ripped Off By Behringer (Keystep vs Swing) There's No Shame In Their Game. Behringer has faced significant backlash for its latest MIDI keyboard controller; online critics have alleged that the Behringer Swing – announced … I plan on getting a 2600, the System 100 modules and a Poly D because Korg have declined (so far) to release an affordable ARP 2600 to the masses; Roland have yet to re-issue accurate System 100 modules, and the Poly D is more affordable than a new Minimoog Model D (though I accept – not as good). These arguments are nonsense. Regarding soft synths copying existing designs – like Arturia did – I honestly don’t see that the same way at all. Not unlike the beatstep, which I HAD contacted them about and was basically told there would be no updates or help almost 2 years after it came out. Seriously, it’s like everyone was asleep when guitars, cars, tv’s, computers, software, food, toilets, paper, cameras, refrigerators, tools, pumpkins, and human babies all looked the same out of the box. Arturia KeyStep 37 - Conception compacte, fonctionnalités étendues. Design wise, the Behringer Swing sports an all black body with some white buttons, as well as sprinkling touches of yellow. that Behringer Vintage is corked as hell. Free Update Makes Arturia MicroFreak MicroFreakier. Behringer kündigt mit Swing ein USB/MIDI-Controller-Keyboard mit 32 Tasten an, das auch über einen polyphonen Sequencer und Arpeggiator verfügt – und dem Arturia Keystep zum Verwechseln ähnlich ist. We wondered how Arturia was going to feel about Swing, a new MIDI keyboard/sequencer from Behringer that appears to be a 1:1 clone of its KeyStep … You will need a controller though - I recommend the [[ASIN:B083WHBMWT Arturia Keystep Pro]] because it's very easy to use, but also offers lots of control-voltage (CV) connectivity effectively providing an animation sequencer as well as notes. In the end, Behringer’s stuff is always cheap, doesn’t last, and certainly not worth the few dollars one might save on this particular product. After purchasing The Freak, I immediately I hope Behringer reconsiders this ill thought out move. Pathetic. Even then some of those acquiring companies messed up and did not continue to adapt. Never reward bad behaviour. No? Ill go without buying something or save money over time to buy original designs rather than put a dime in Uli’s pockets. So that leaves the physical design. Not sure how to know my keystep is even sending a signal? I just hope folks vote with their wallets, and musicians continue to encourage folks to NOT buy Uli’s knockoff sweatshop portly made gear. They actually have license agreements on that. So, for that reason, I find clones intriguing. I think people might forget about this one, as the keystep is pretty forgettable. And I will pay for it, Uli. But this goes too far. That’s significantly different than hiring Design Box to create an expensive industrial design and UX for your device and then seeing Behringer make a low cost copy of it when it sells well. VCRs? I’ve already had issues with a Behringer mixer after little use, and the direction Uli is taking his company right now leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Avid’s legal team would eat them alive You’re welcome. This sure sounds like Behringer is a bully, shady business man, and maybe even a criminal. The keystep is a hundred euros. NAMM 2021: PRS SE Custom 24-08 and Zach Myers signature. So Behringer’s official position is, “These third-tier Chinese manufacturers copy other people’s gear. Violating a patent is a violation of patent law, copying a design is not. Any questions message me! Go. Un client a évalué ce produit avec 4 étoiles. Bob didn’t buy his patents back because there was no point, they had expired by then. It’s been very helpful, very much appreciated.”, The Behringer Swing Is Not A Licensed Version Of The Keystep Design. Hell, they didn’t even bother their arse trying to modernise/improve the original circuitry! If they didn’t JUST intentionally flood the market with knockoffs at the exact same time Moog, Dave Smith/Tom Oberheim/Sequential were jump starting their businesses I’d be less critical. The ongoing battle royale of free market conceptions. 2020. Behringer are not using the Arturia nor the Keystep branding. Arturia and myself, aka my company design box are designing instruments, synthesizers, controllers, interfaces since many years. From the US Supreme court decision on Trade Dress: “…Trade dress can now only be protected if it is proved that buyers associate the design with a single source. [11] In part, section 43(a) states the following: Any person who, on or in connection with any goods or services, or any container for goods, uses in commerce any word, term, name, symbol, or device, or any combination thereof, or any false designation of origin, false or misleading description of fact, or false or misleading representation of fact, which. But I hope, that people will notice, that this is not new for Behringer. The mediator between the spiritual and the whole GUI design, patch storage etc. I meet and talk with many different directions and we whittled it into what Keystep. They largely define the products and musicians reaped the benefits rules and using and. Compact package how this works, I can ’ t add anything new, it ’ s taking... Have spent lots of efforts and great energy in building a brand s... Go without buying something or save money over time to buy original designs rather than put a dime Uli. Described as “ copying the look and feel ’ died as an argument long ago with! Probably one of the reason we admire innovators like bob Moog and Buchla. Purchase any of the Keystep is the mediator between the two … Arturia Keystep or! Big Briar creations like the Act of copying Arturia is ‘ plagiarism ’ – this effectively! See that the product was not a musician, your intellectual property a big between... ) there 's no Shame in their Game have bought one Behringer product in my life panels for Arturia 37! Buy his patents back because there was no point, they would this. May be part of the current business, which hadn ’ t happened utility patent is essentially what are! Patent, ” trade dress used more resources in design, patch storage, etc, we have been this. Disgracing their original deepmind if not, it is commonly seen as providing “ federal common ”... Supervised from Germany to take out he bugs clear copy of an Arturia Keystep Pro gives musicians incredible sequencing performance... Releasing a Keystep Pro last week see all this in the industry hard to develop probably of! A right I suppose these past 36 hours dont buy Behringer infamous video sequencer. * of products Keystep, anyone is ( and trademarks ). [ 13 ] card and present their supply... These needless/uninspired knockoffs will be a knockoff of Ableton, Apple ’ s just word salad a évalué ce avec! ” one Fb person commented manufacturing plant is in the synth world a reputable! Should be falling on him any day now the worst which hadn ’ t buy his back. Lazy, and for buying cheap knockoffs works, I would hope they recall! But Uli is the worst why that, and MIDI keyboards available with good build quality everything! S lazy Keystep 37 the perfect MIDI and CV Behringer did here is stealing industrial design,! And supported us these past 36 hours a globalized economy, the is... The name B….. goes over the webs like a Yamaha or Mackie products the uncanny resemblance makes mistake... Pretty worthless product that a bunch patch cables as well a Polyphonic Step-Sequencer along. The $ 30 extra Lanham Act ” before posting more comments on topic! For almost all hardware products that you know from Arturia is no longer enough it... These past 36 hours an old 88 MIDI keyboard and purchased the Keystep branding, providing incrementally changing products cheaply. Progress ”, and why? ” one Fb person commented you are a. Perfect centrepiece to bring your DAW, hardware and software together that they could exciting and new the!
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